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Home of the literary works of Chris Ahrens, author, surfer, traveler, and husband. For the past 30 years Ahrens has written for every major surfing publication in the world and written three popular books of short surf stories. In 2002, he co-founded Risen Magazine where he worked as editor-in-chief for seven years, and interviewed some of the world's top celebrities. In 2008 he directed the award-winning documentary D.O.P.E. (Death Or Prison Eventually.) In 2012 Ahrens collaborated with skateboarding legend Christian Hosoi to write his memoirs for HarperOne. This all led to:

Behold What Is Greater Than Thyself

The Latest Work by Chris Ahrens

For everyone that finds Baja hell on earth, someone else considers it the world’s last paradise. For surfers it’s a great place to find lonely and perfect waves. For sinners it’s a good place to become a saint. For saints, it’s a convenient place to become a sinner. While the unlucky can lose their wallets, their health and their sanity in 24 hours or less, the chosen ones part only with things not worth keeping. Baja is a bad place for some, a good place for others and the only place for a young surfer in big trouble.

When 15-year old surfer Tommy Stern retaliates against his alcoholic father’s violent attack, he thinks he has killed the man. In response to his crime the boy grabs his surfboard and hitchhikes south, all the way into Baja. Once there he is adopted by a family of commercial fishermen. There he surfs perfect, empty waves while learning the ways of a caring family and the art of fishing. After five years his conscience disturbs him and he smuggles himself back into the U.S. where he expects to face murder charges. What he finds upon his return, however, alters his life forever.

“Chris Ahrens is one of my favorite storytellers.” —Jon Foreman, Switchfoot


“Chris Ahrens is the best writer in surfing and this is his best work to date.” —Dr. Rob Greaves, Liquid Stage

Twilight in the City of Angels

The Breakout Novel by Chris Ahrens

Jose De la Luz Santiago was larger than life for everyone he encountered, including the train that tried to take him down. Though he was left with a deep dent in his forehead, his joyous disposition and a complex faith built around Jose Cuervo Tequila, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and The Union Pacific Railroad—his personal trinity—Jose was undaunted by life.

Los Angeles was built by him and around him, and Jose fought to keep the spirit of the city alive when “progress” dismantled the red car system and greed wiped out the Chavez Ravine.

In a story full of the kind of magic you have to embrace because it is the magic of humanity, Twilight in the City of Angels is the journey we all experience from believing without knowing, through the knowledge that robs your faith, to the greater understanding that makes not knowing okay.

Though some see Jose as a saint, others see him as a fool, and it all depends on where they are in the journey. But, everyone ever touched by Jose has a story to tell and an indelible mark on their soul.

Advanced Praise for Twilight in the City of Angels

“I have always loved the history of Los Angeles and Twilight in the City of Angels nails it.” —Danny Trejo, actor


“Chris is one of my favorite storytellers-full of salt and surprise.” —Jon Foreman, Switchfoot

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