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About Chris Ahrens

Chris AhrensIn 1972 Chris Ahrens was a surfer living on a pristine beach in Australia and wondering if he was going to eat that day, or not. It was then he wrote his first story for a surf magazine and was rewarded with fifty American dollars. Having [metaphorically speaking] learned to fish, that first story led him to thirty years of bylines in every major surfing publication in the world, followed by three popular books on surfing.

Through conducting countless interviews, Chris learned the skill necessary for his work interviewing movie and rock stars for Risen Magazine.

This, in turn led Ahrens to write and direct the award-winning documentary D.O.P.E. (Death Or Prison Eventually). That in turn led to a contract with HarperOne to co-write the memoirs of legendary skateboarder, Christian Hosoi.

Ahrens works as a full time writer and lives on a quiet beach in Southern California with his wife Tracy and their cat, Clara. 

I began surfing in 1962 and have written about the subject since 1972, when I was first published in Surfer Magazine, my Bible at the time. But I have done more than surf in my life, and other stories have haunted me for years. Top among them was one about my grandfather - How he was run over by a train and lived to tell about it. That became the source of my new novel, Twilight in the City of Angels. (It took over ten years to write, so I hope you like it). This temporary departure from the ocean also led to Perelandra Publishing Company.

-Chris Ahrens