Good Things Love Water

Good Things Love Water - Chris Ahrens (1994)

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Good Things Love Water is the story of surfing as told by a sea of different voices. The first waves ever ridden at Waimea Bay by Greg Noll, Mike Stange, and Mickey Munoz; Phil Edwards' first trip to Hawaii at age 15, the world of Bob McTavish, a beloved car owned by a couple of unknown surfers, and 21 other short stores are woven together in a sometimes dramatic, sometimes hilarious, sometimes tragic account of surfing's rich history. Chris Ahrens lays bare the hearts of our heroes and surfers we have not encountered until now.

"Ahrens breathes life into surfing legends and makes them real to surfers who only know them as unapproachable icons." -- Greg Ambrose, The Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Eloquently written. Good Things Love Water is filled with the types of stories that we don't see often enough!" -- Nick Carroll, Editor, Surfing Magazine

"Gremmie Warning! This book contains stories you have to read, and no rad action photos. It's about time!" -- Steve Pezman, Publisher, The Surfer's Journal

"This book is important to understand the roots of the wave-riders lifestyle and philosophy." -- Christopher Van Tilberg, Islands Magazine