Joyrides - Chris Ahrens (1998)

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Joyrides brings the heart of surfing to life with stories about some of its greatest practitioners. Learn the truth about the death of surfing legend, Bob Simmons. Hear about artist Andy Warhol's quest for the perfect surfboard. Enjoy tales of legends like Paul Strauch, Rabbit Kekai, Greg Noll and Pat Curren. Other stories concern nobel quests by surfers that few of us have ever before heard of. Fourty-six stories in all. Outlaws, saints, wisemen, and fools harmonize to create a tone so wonderfully clear that it will be cherished by surfers and non-surfers alike for decades to come.

Ahrens uses verbal brush strokes, painting the subculture of surfing, while offering a feast of keen human observations. -- Julie Cox, North County Times

Funny,bawdy, poignant--a stoke of a good read! -- Steve Barilotti, Editor at Large, Surfer Magazine

Joyrides is a joy to read! -- Gary Taylor, The Coast News

Joyrides is a message from the heart of a born again soul surfer. A gem of a book. -- Steve Pezman, Publisher, The Surfer's Journal