Periodical Works

Links to periodical publications still available onnline, or for purchase elsewhere.

Lick the Plate

This really cool "foodie" David Boylan did a story on me in the Coast News once. I love this article, and that he gave me a cool T-shirt and bought lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant, La Especial.0000.1

The Coast News

I did a weekly surf column called Waterspot for the Coast News for over ten glorious years. I went from a Smith Corona Typewriter to a laptop computer in just over a decade. I also learned how to write short bits for the community I love.

Risen Magazine

Risen Magazine was started in my friend Scott Hancock's garage. I was editor in chief for seven years and Scott did everything else. I doubt if I'll ever again have a chance to speak to Ozzy Osbourne, Hillary Swank and Billy Bob Thornton about their faith in God.

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